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Your body is the only one of its kind.

No one else was born with your exact physicality. Through life, your anatomy is adjusted into different forms, shapes and sizes. You are a masterpiece, embodied with an intelligent governing system in every heartbeat.

Healing Print is a wellness and nurturing service, that honors the unique fingerprint, you are, using a spectrum of techniques from western and eastern modalities.

My commitment: In our work together, I invite you to experience safety, healing integration, and a centered well-being. I honor and empower you to create the experience of healing and transformation.


Healing Print Experiences


“When I first started seeing Rebecca, I had back pain that I had been trying to release for almost 12 years. After just a few sessions with her, I am back pain free.
Nanice Ellis
Rebecca truly is unique in what she does. I literally feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
David Drockton
I am continually amazed at how my body, mind and spirit shift after treatments with Rebecca. Through just a few sessions, I can do backbends in yoga again!”
Jenna Roberts

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