Informed by nine years of experience in healing work, I draw from a spectrum of scientific, traditional, and intuitive modalities to create a specialized session for each client who is looking to empower and heal their body.

For more information about techniques and modalities I use, see my Toolbox page.

In my massage practice, I hold compassion for the process of my client’s individual transformations. I am in fascination with the power of touch. Since a very young age, my family and friends experienced and encouraged my natural abilities as a healer. This guided me to study how emotions can be stored in specific areas of the body, showing signs of physical tightness or pain. My innate awareness of and intentional care for myself along with my studies of body intelligence led me to create this impacting practice.

Healing Print is the fusion of my expertise in working with breath and body in the quantum energetic field, combined with my scientific knowledge through training and licensure as a massage therapist. Being equipped with a broad range styles to offer clients, I give guidance in one’s commitment to health and centered well-being.

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