“When I first started seeing Rebecca, I had back pain that I had been trying to release for almost 12 years. After just a few sessions with her, I am back pain free. No other healer has been able to do what she did. I also have to say that I am never so relaxed and peaceful as I am when in a session with her. Rebecca is an extraordinary and gifted healer.”
-Nanice Ellis

Rebecca truly is unique in what she does. She is a multi-dimensional healer with an extraordinary gift. In two sessions, we cleared out several issues that have been rooted deeply my entire life. Rebecca helped me to piece back together my broken heart: a heart I didn’t even realize had been shattered. I rediscovered vulnerability by our second session. This quality has been lost to me since my early childhood. For the first time in almost 15 years I feel comfortable being vulnerable with others. I literally feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
-David Drockton

I am continually amazed at how my body, mind and spirit shift after treatments with Rebecca. She has a strong touch, and can also do detail work. I love how she intuitively focuses on what my body needs most. The combination of massage and energy are powerful. I recently came to her with chronic pain from a car accident that happened 2 years ago. Through just a few sessions, we were able to relieve the pain by a large degree. I can do backbends in yoga again! “
-Jenna Roberts

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